FarmResult is glad to announce its participation for the IMAGEN Research Project, one of the 5 National research projects that have been awarded a total of €18 Million by the national research organization.

Perspectief Programme
The Dutch National Research Organization NWO recently announced the 2019-round funding for the “Perspectief’’ programme. This is an annual recurring programme financed by the Ministery of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. Each year, new researches are encouraged around topics with societal and economic significance boosting joint participation with leading industry and non-governmental organizations.

IMAGEN Research
This year’s researches are again very diverse, ranging from vertical agriculture to virtual delta and includes the participation of 75 scientists. The 6 years long IMAGEN (AnIMAl Group SENsor) project will observe both laying hens as well as pigs for the following dual-purpose research objectives: (1) combining animal behaviour and computer science to advance the health & welfare conditions of animals in livestock farming, while also (2) declining the ecological footprint within food manufacturing.

Together with researches, the IMAGEN consortium will design a system that spots livestock behaviour within bigger groups of farm animals. For instance, revealing which pigs are tail biting others or which laying hens are feather-pecking, this in order to avert unnecessary harm and early fatality. Additionally, the correlation between genetic potential and animal behaviour of different breeds of pigs and laying hens are examined to say something about the probability certain breeds have on living peacefully in larger groups. This in combination with AI technology and sensors should result in an improved level of animal welfare.

FarmResult is part of this consortium of private-public associations, governmental organizations and businesses, joined by:
The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals, The Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association and the Netherlands Agricultural and Horticultural Association. The Eindhoven University of Technology, Utrecht University and Wageningen University (WUR). Hendrix Genetics, Noldus Information Technology, Sorama, Topigs Norsvin and Vencomatic.

IMAGEN Research aligned with core vision
We at FarmResult look forward to starting collaboration on this innovative project and see this as a great complement to our core vision. Contributing to increased animal welfare as well as a more sustainable environment, while maximizing the economic performance within the total production chain.