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FarmResult offers simple farm management using the latest AI technology. The key of success is in your hands. Developed for: poultry farming, pig farming and integrations.

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Organize all your house data in 1 app. Make use of AI-insights and benchmark to differentiate yourself from the rest.

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Manage multiple houses easily


User-friendly management app with the biggest advantage: administrative time-saving!


We can connect seamlessly with all existing barn systems, even those dating back to 1995.


Some features of the FarmResult management app. We offer solutions for poultry- and pig farms and integrations.

Early warning

Get push notifications (in a timely manner) when there are diverging results.


Compare with previous barn data and against industry standards.

AI predictions

Among other things, improve potency, failure rate, growth per day and feed conversion rate


All company data remains stored in the CLOUD. Master of your own data.


Giving staff tasks, scheduling preventive tasks and feed planning.


Free updates

We are continuously innovating, allowing us to provide you with the most advanced farm management solutions.

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We organize all your stable data in one app and manage multiple stables simultaneously. Utilize the FarmResult software to stand out from the rest.

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