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Since our founding in 2011 by Richard ten Cate, we have become the spine of hundreds of livestock producers who we support in optimizing their business processes.

FarmResult offers an easy farm management tool using the latest AI technology. We hold the key to success.

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From the start at FarmResult, we started with one goal in mind: simplifying your barn management. We understand that managing one or more houses can be challenging when you are constantly limited by different stall systems and a clunky user experience. Therefore, we are ready to support pig farmers, poultry farmers and integrations in streamlining their barn management. Our powerful app bundles all the data, allowing you to read and enter real-time information 24/7. Using AI-driven models, we help you make faster and better business decisions.

FarmResult offers simple barn management using the latest AI technology. Easy to use, no learning curve.

Our mission

Managing efficiently saves valuable time!

Livestock farming nowadays is about profitability and animal welfare. A farm is full of all kinds of technology from various providers. But this is also where the problem arises. Many different systems and apps make the management process challenging.

That’s where FarmResult comes into play. As the only provider in the world, we can seamlessly connect to all existing farm systems. We are here to simplify your farm management. In one powerful app, you can efficiently manage all data from various houses in a clear and organized manner. Detect, analyze, and make adjustments. Our dashboard helps you to have even better control over your processes and reduce risks.

We dream big and never stand still. FarmResult is always evolving, ensuring you can manage your farm in the best possible way.


Our knowledge of livestock farming is our fundament. We have a team of experts with years of experience in the industry and understand the unique needs of livestock producers. This knowledge enables us to develop solutions that seamlessly meet their specific requirements and challenges.
We are constantly in motion, striving for improvement and are determined to continue growing and evolving. We listen to feedback from our clients, follow the latest trends and technologies, and keep challenging ourselves to get better and better.

Our Team

The FarmResult team consists of driven professionals with a passion for the livestock industry.

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