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The FarmResult integration software is available for any farm that depends on poultry or pig farming and wants to optimize the entire chain.

We believe in moving you forward today, but even more to make your success tomorrow possible.

One platform, endless potential

For integration, we brought together the different links of the chain in our platform. For poultry the rearing/breeding, propagation, hatchery and laying hens or broilers including slaughterhouse. Automatic data exchange where possible and manual if needed. For instance, we have standard links for slaughter data, feed deliveries and feed invoices. But also links to ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP or bookkeeping systems.

FarmResult has the chain optimization solution but also links weight development or feed intake back into the chain via standard APIs.

Our platform combines all farm data and chain information into one clear dashboard. As the only provider in the world, we can seamlessly connect to all existing barn systems, even (far) older systems. By combining all automatic barn data and manual data input, FarmResult offers a complete platform with the biggest advantages: insight, time and cost savings both for your business!

Main functions:

Flexible dashboard

Customizable dashboard/tailor-made


Understanding feed composition


The whole chain can be planned. Based on both market demand and supply driven.


Farms and locations as well as comparing feed, vaccines and schedules

Quality systems

Tasks on behalf of quality systems are communicated to the livestock farmer via the app. Through push notifications, they are alerted. Progress can be tracked at the integration level. FarmResult also provides a private quality management system for the hatchery.

Sharing data

Export data per e-mail or WhatsApp.

How does it work

By working together with the livestock farmer, you can both achieve better performance. The farmer works with the FarmResult app and gives your company the farm data through the app. This data becomes visible to you in the FarmResult desktop application. With a clear overview of all the data, you can help the farmer optimize his or her business. In addition, you can integrate the data into your ERP systems. The FarmResult software is suitable for various parties, including compound feed companies and slaughterhouses.

Some benefits of using FarmResult:

Insight into the entire chain.
Managing quality characteristics.
Optimizing slaughter and hatchery planning.
Efficient transport for feed
Feed optimization for better results.
Monitoring of medication use
Comparison with benchmark data
Establishing effective business plans

    Striving together for greater succes! 

    Our commitment is to move your business forward not only today, but also to enable your success in the future. In addition to our innovation, it is primarily our strong focus on relations that has led to long-term partnerships with our customers. At FarmResult, we believe in the importance of building solid and lasting relationships with our customers. We value your trust and strive to exceed your expectations. By working closely together and listening to your needs, we can provide customized solutions that take your business to the next level. With proven blueprints, our management software is quickly customized.

      Everything the farmer needs

      Push notificaties

      Ontvang notificaties van taken en early warning notificaties

      Grafische weergave

      Rapportage van presaties weergegeven in grafieken en tabellen

      Taken plannen

      Personeel taken geven en preventieve taken inplannen

      Opmerkingen/ foto’s

      Plaats opmerkingen en/of foto’s 

      Export gegevens

      Exporteer de gegevens naar e-mail of whatsapp

      Handmatige/ automatische invoer

      Wij kunnen koppelingen maken met alle bestaande stalsystemen maar handmatige invoer is ook mogelijk