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Pig farming

The FarmResult farm management app is a must- have for pig farmers who specialize in raising sows, piglets and/or finishers.

We believe in helping you get ahead today, but even more in making your success possible tomorrow.

Automatic input if possible, manual if necessary

We offer a total solution for your company. With our powerful app you can conveniently manage all data from one or several farms. Signal, analyse and adjust. Our dashboard supports you in controlling your processes even better and reducing risks. Our Early Warning system identifies problems before they become a problem – Your Advantage: improved animal welfare and cost savings!

The app combines automatic barn data and manual input to provide complete farm management. Company tasks and individual livestock care tasks are scheduled in a system. This provides an overview of all tasks within the company, ideal for scheduling tasks for your personnel. With this integrated approach, you can find all important information in one place and work more efficiently. Your immediate benefit: administrative time savings!

Main functions:

Individual Animal registration

Sows, piglets and meat pigs can be registered. Tracking from insemination till slaughter

Couple registration

Livestock group registration where feed, climate and weight is insightful until slaughter

Medicine registration

Registration of medicine use based on country registration and coding

Managing multiple houses

Manage multiple houses easily and conveniently

Task plans

Tasks for employees can be scheduled. Such as weighing but also recurring tasks (pest control)


The FarmResult app pairs with the RFID and is able to read all systems.


The results of using the FarmResult management app are impressive. Pig farmers who have implemented the app are experiencing numerous benefits and positive results, including:

Improved decision making: The FarmResult app consolidates all important farm data into one clear dashboard. From feed and water consumption to climate parameters and production data, all information is instantly accessible .This enables pig farmers to gain real-time insights into their farm’s performance and make timely adjustments as needed. As the only provider in the world, we can seamlessly connect to all existing barn systems, even those more than 25 years old. In addition, manual input is also possible. Automatic if possible, manual if necessary.
Optimizing production: The FarmResult app allows you to monitor and analyse production processes closely. They can identify trends and patterns, identify potential sticking points and take proactive measures to increase productivity. By making data-driven decisions, you can optimize your production and increase efficiency.
Ensuring animal welfare: Important parameters such as temperature, humidity and ventilation are being precisely monitored with the FarmResult app. It also provides health records of the animals and early detection of any abnormalities with our Early Warning system. By ensuring animal welfare, you can promote optimal growth and health.
Quality assurance: In the pig industry, maintaining high quality standards is of great importance. With the FarmResult app, you can manage and monitor your animals’ quality traits. You can follow the feed intake, weight gain and other relevant indicators to ensure that your animals meets the desired quality standards.
Saving of time and resources: The FarmResult app combines automatic barn data and manual input into a complete barn management system. Business tasks and individual animal care tasks are scheduled within one system. This provides an overview of all tasks within the company and makes it easy to organize collaboration with and among staff.

    Everything you need

    Push notificaties

    Receive notifications of taking an early warning notifications

    Graphic display

    Rapport of performances displayed in graphs and tables

    Planning tasks

    Giving personnel tasks and scheduling preventive tasks

    Comment/ Photo’s

    Place comments and/or photos in the daily chart

    Export data

    Export the data to email or WhatsApp

    Manual/ automatic input

    We can interface with all existing barn systems but manual input is also possible