One of the world’s biggest exhibitions for the feed and food industry, the VIV Europe, took place in Utrecht, The Netherlands in June of this year (2018). With 600 exhibitors and around 25.000 expected visits, the VIV Europe covered the complete livestock industry, to poultry eggs, dairy and fish.

With the Netherlands being a forerunner in agricultural innovations, the VIV decided to highlight Dutch innovations for the Poultry industry on the ‘’Kip van Oranje’’ platform. The central theme of the VIV being ‘’Sharing Data = Better Poultry’’ resulted in the selection of FarmResult as one of the elected group of innovators for this stage full of novelties.

FarmResult showcased our cloud-based, automated and real-time management solution for poultry: PoultryResult. PoultryResult supports individual farmers up to integrations to optimise productivity and profitability while contributing to food safety and improved animal welfare. We offer more control and instant insights with updated data, send out warning alerts for risk prevention and integrate supply chain data from multiple links within the chain into one system. Benchmarking, analysing and sharing of data are the methods to reach an even more successful business.

We would like to thank all exhibitors, visitors, media, partners and future partners for the outstanding experience and interest in not only our company and solutions, but also in the innovations in the agricultural industry in general. We believe that cooperation and disruptive technology are necessary to fulfil futurous needs and are happy to see the industry transforming.

For a press release of the VIV Europe 2018 event please click here.