A flashback to Thursday 14th, when an article about pigs (animal) welfare and big data appeared in the Dutch newspaper ‘’de Nieuwe Oogst’’. This new way of SMART farming- using Big Data gathering to improve overall management and pigs welfare is further clarified. In this article, the owner of FarmResult, Richard ten Cate explained his mission and vision for the industry FarmResult is active in: data management and livestock. FarmResult focusses on managementsystems for farmhouses, this software helps its users to keep track of the level of animal welfare.

The vision of FarmResult is based on improving farm management with actual data. Richard ten Cate mentions big data (realtime and supply chain data) and how producers/veterinarians could gather real-time information about the welfare status of, in this case, their pigs. This is carried out in an ongoing project involving animals in several houses who can be monitored simultaneously. Our solutions help gather all farmdata from the houses so users can check the temperature, whether there is enough food, what the weight is of the pigs and how high the relative humidity is. All of this to guarantee an optimal use of the genetic potential of each pig.  These are only some examples of data that FarmResult can provide to give a factual and clear overview of the health of these animals. This data is owned by the farmer and more importantly they can decide if and with whom they would like to share their data, which could be for example with their veterinarian.

We at FarmResult are pleased with this dedicated article from “de Nieuwe Oogst”.