Fact-based Farm Management

Optimizing livestock operations through real-time data

Inspire innovation

With our integrated real-time management & advisory systems

Challenge the standard

Of profitable & responsible healthy food production

Your data is the key to discovering your potential, we help you explore your possibilities

We gather and aggregate real-time farm- and supply chain data. Our ambition is to help you create value from the data to optimize your performance. As generator of the data, you have complete ownership, unless you decide to share it with others. Our solutions are especially designed for integrations but just as useful for individuals.



How FarmResult creates value for your farm



Data integration &

  • IoT sensor connectivity & manual data entry for on-farm KPI’s
  • Seamless ERP data incorporation
  • Hierarchical data sharing capability
  • Easy system access and usability

Monitoring &

  • Integrated dashboard display, visualised with personalised targets
  • Instant real-time insights & analytics
  • Infinite cloud-based system access
  • Multiple houses and locations overview

Risk reduction &

  • Improved process integration throughout the supply chain
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Alerts and early warning
  • Flexible reporting

Improve feeding programmes

Enstrengthen responsible & profitable production by comparing results between feed compositions.

Get a grip on medication usage

Gain insight into the treatment responsiveness & include your veterinarian in the process.

Control multiple locations & houses real-time

Benchmark performance and increase on-farm management from any location.

Enhance quality & food safety

Your data as proof of concept & complete track and trace from farm to slaughter.

Partners & users of our systems