Privacy- and cookiestament

Since April 25 of the year 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became active for all companies and individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). In order to comply with the GDPR, FarmResult established this Privacy Statement (including cookie clause) to inform all of our website users how we process your personal data.

Of course privacy is an integral part of our business so we provide a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with you as concerning party before we do business with you. This includes all relevant information regarding the retrieving, storing, using and securing of your data. This will be signed by both parties to validate the document. Interested to know more about our privacy policy and data storage, please contact us via our contact details.

We are an Information Technology & Service provider delivering cloud-based management solutions & advisory systems for the agricultural /livestock farming industry and research facilities. If there are any questions or matters please contact us at:

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Motives for data gathering
FarmResult’s website gathers your personal information, with the following intentions:
– To be of service to current users of our solutions when they have support and consultancy questions, remarks and complaints.
– To get into contact with potentially interested parties, clients and partners.
– To deliver more information and a demo, after a demo request has been received and a well-received conversation has taken place.
– To improve the functionality of our website through analysis of anonymous website behaviour via e.g. Google Analytics. For more information go to the subtitle ‘’Cookies’’.

The processing of personal information
We gather your personal data because you make use of our services or deliberately decided to share them with us. Most of the data we gather directly on our website is received through fill-in forms. Below is an overview of the data that we gather directly:

– Name(s)
– Job function *
– (Company) e-mail adress
– Telephone number *
– Company name
– Company’s country of estalishment
– Company’s website
– Motive for getting into contact with us *
– Additional remarks
* Data indicated with this symbol are not (always) obligatory to fill in.

We gather personal information, received directly via our website, based on two foundations:
1. Contractual performance; FarmResult gathers your personal data, mentioned in the data fields above, to initiate activities with you as the website user. For example, we can only get in contact with you as a potentially interested party if you leave us your contact details.
2. Data subjects’ consent; when filling in our contact forms or showing any other initiatives from your side as website user in reaching out to us, you agree to our terms and conditions on data gathering.

Sharing of personal data
At FarmResult we do not directly share any of your personal data with third parties for any purpose, unless we inform this to you as data provider prior. There are some third parties that do have access to the data sent by you as user, such as:
– Gmail; we receive an e-mail with your contact information from the website system when you submitted the fill-in forms on our website. These contact details can be used by our employees in order to best promote your interests.
– Yourhosting; is our webshoster and therefore does record filled-in forms received via the website. FarmResult manages and maintains our own website.

Websites like FarmResult can put small text files, named ‘’cookies’’, on your computer, phone and tablet. The reason for this cookie usage is to improve the user friendlyness of our website. We do this with the information about your website visit that is retrieved with these cookies.

There are various sorts of cookies. At FarmResult we only make use of the most simple and strictly necessary cookies: the functional and analytical cookies. From a legal perspective we are not obliged to request permission from you as our website user. However, we would like to provide transparency about the purpose of our cookie usage and about the data that we gather via our website.

Firstly, functional cookies are necessary for a proper usage of our website and are therefore placed on your devices when you visit FarmResult’s website.
Besides, we also place limited analytical cookies. These give us insights into the website usage of our visitors to further improve these to your wishes. In order to do this, we make use of the services of Google Analytics. They place cookies on your devices to gather this information. Examples of insights that we could have with this are, for example the:

✔ flow of visitors; e.g. visitor amount, % of returning and new visitors.
✔ average webvisit duration, the userflow taken through the website
✔ the type of device used to visit the website, the screensize, operating system.
✔ the origin of the visit, referral path that lead to your visit e.g. advertisements, social media.
✔ the speed of our website on your device.

FarmResult does not gather contact details such as your name, telephone number and citizen service number and therefore does not share this information with Google. If you would like to know exactly what type of data Google is gathering and what they are doing with the data, please check the Google Privacystatement.

Storage of personal data
At FarmResult we do not save any of your personal data longer than strictly required to fulfill the goals for which your data is being saved. Usually this data will be deleted every year, unless needed otherwise.

Your rights
As a website user and provider of data, you are entitled to eight rights that protect the privacy of your data. These rights prevent the misuse for anything other than the legitimate purpose for which the data was originally provided. The eight rights you are entitled to are:

1. Right to information;
2. Right to access;
3. Rigth to rectification;
4. Right to withdraw consent;
5. Right to object;
6. Right to object to automated processing;
7. Right to be forgotten;
8. Right for data portability;

Data security
At FarmResult we care about your privacy and the security of your privacy. Therefore we take appropriate measures against misuse, loss, uncertified access, undesired exposure of data and unauthorised editing. An example of measures we take are the encrypted passwords, latests updates of the website software and secured connection.

If in any undesired event a data leak does take place, we will report this to the Data Protection Authority (DPA) and inform affected users about the situation.

FarmResult may change our privacy statement (including cookie clause) regularly. To view the latest version of our privacy statement please visit our website regularly.

Complaints, questions, feedback
Do you have any complaints, questions or feedback for us, please reach us at or give us a call on + 31 (0) 546 648 374 .