PoultryResult Layers

PoultryResult is our management system designed especially for the layer industry, supporting you in optimising farm and supply chain operations by structurally aggregating real-time data, integrating these with supply chain data and visualising heuristics to improve.

Benefits for all

PoultryResult Layers is specifically designed for the layer industry. Suitable for individual rearing and layer farmers and feed suppliers. A tool to improve not only individual links within the chain, but to integrate links with each other and pass the added value on through the complete chain from farm to table eggs and processed eggs in end-products. With PoultryResult Layers, we help each user to:

  • Gain instant insights & increase control
  • Reduce risks
  • Optimise productivity
  • Reduce costs/increase profit
  • Make processes easier & save time

One integrated system

PoultryResult Layers is one integrated system, combining on-farm and supply chain data. Technical and financial results are consolidated into PoultryResult Layers through; an IoT connection with process equipment delivering real-time data; manual data input made possible with the PoultryResult App; Connection to ERP systems through connections with API’s;

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    Monitor Real-time IoT Farm Data

    The IoT Cloud is especially designed for the agricultural industry. It connects to all the major process equipment brands within the poultry houses and gathers real-time farm data. This data is represented in an understandable dashboard and includes planned versus actual parameters. Planned outputs can be set based on personalised targets, individual preferences and various concepts. All houses and locations are represented within one multiple location overview. The early warning alerts helps signal the user when something goes out-of-bounds and supports the maintenance of control and reduction of risks. Our cloud connection offers continuous access from any location at any time.

    More about IoT Cloud
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    Combine IoT & Manual Farm Data

    In our IoT Cloud, farm data is automatically extracted from the equipment in the houses. Besides that, PoultryResult Layers offers manual data input via the PoultryResult App. Our App is designed with a smooth user interface so that flock data such as loss, selection, medication, weight and the quantity of eggs can be entered manually by you or your authorised staff without any complications. Supporting Android and iOS software, the app transfers essential information quickly about the status of your animals and their production output within the houses. The data is always validated when it enters the PoultryResult Layers system.

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    Link with Supply Chain Data

    Our solution helps to automatically combine your supply chain data with your farm data for a full perspective on your processes. PoultryResult Layers can be linked to ERP systems and transfers all relevant data within a central database. In this database, the DOC information can be loaded in. Holding data such as the age and breed of the mother animals. Also, feed delivery information like the quantity, brand and price of your pre-mix supplier. Finally, all necessary data from the packing station, including for example the quantity, quality and price of the table eggs.

Track your technical & financial results

By using the mentioned ways of gathering data, PoultryResult Layers covers five vital areas for both rearing as well as layer farms. The IoT Cloud, the basis of all our solutions, provides you with a distinctive dashboard containing real-time data. Mainly focussed on the animal’s state (weight, activity, water intake) and the production environment (ventilation level, relative humidity, NH3). It offers insights into the situation in the houses and helps to reduce risks through continuous control and early-warning alerts. The other areas, ranging from nutrition, medication, genetic background to profitability & productivity are covered with detail within the PoultryResult Layers system. Besides these details, technical and financial KPI’s are created to track both the performance of your animals as well as that of your business.

Increase control & improve the results of your flock

Gaining data in a structured way is the first step in increasing control and a solid base to improve your processes. PoultryResult Layers reveals recurring patterns and it is these that make the data valuable. Indicating not only how things have been occurring in the past, but offering the ability to benchmark these results (mostly real-time) among those of other farmers, houses, locations. Even supporting the making of comparisons based on for example the breed type or feed type. Within this data, multiple hidden ways to improvement are uncovered. This is useful for both small-scale as well as large-scale users. Especially useful for integrations is the multiple houses and location overview, the structured data format and are the reporting tools to compare more easily and adjust processes while they are still occurring.

Data as proof of concept to increase food safety & food traceability

Besides the further optimizable internal processes, there are external influences affecting your business and its success, that should be taken into account. One very important stakeholder is the consumer, who in the end holds all the power to decide to buy or not to buy your product. Rising priorities for them are increasing food safety and food traceability. PoultryResult Layers does not only track and trace where the chickens and eggs came from, what their status is and where they were transported to. It also functions as a proof of concept of healthy farming practices, with the data speaking for itself, including for instance animal welfare parameters as well as sanitary details important for regulatory guidelines.

The added feature is the opportunity to share your data with parties who are always authorised by you. This option offers you to grant various sorts of authority to several users. For example to share your financial data with your business partner, technical data with your veterinarian, or with the retailer to guarantee more transparency in the production process for consumers. With our integrated solution for layers, multiple individual links are connected with other links within the supply chain, to integrate all data and align processes with each other and pass added value on through the whole chain. This way, both producers and end consumers work towards an improved way of doing business and supporting it.