PoultryResult Broilers

PoultryResult is our management system designed specifically for the broiler industry, suitable for individual rearing, breeding and broiler farms, feed suppliers and integrations. Supporting you in optimising farm- and supply chain operations by structurally aggregating real-time farm data, integrating these with supply chain data and visualising heuristics to improve.

Benefits for all

PoultryResult Broilers helps you to improve not only individual links within the chain- such as rearing, breeding and broiler farms- but to integrate links with each other and pass the added value on through the complete chain. Integrations can optimise these individual links while integrating all the data from these links into one integrated system, making it possible to align multiple processes with each other, as well as offering a track & trace from breed to slaughter. With PoultryResult, we help each user to:

  • Gain instant insights & increase control
  • Reduce risks
  • Optimise productivity
  • Reduce costs/increase profit
  • Make processes easier & save time

One integrated system

PoultryResult Broilers is one integrated system, combining on-farm and supply chain data. Technical and financial results are consolidated into PoultryResult Broilers through: IoT connection with process equipment: this is real-time; Manual data input: possible with the PoultryResult App; Connection to ERP systems: done through API’s;

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    Monitor Real-time IoT Farm Data

    The IoT Cloud is especially designed for the agricultural industry. It connects to all the major process equipment brands within the poultry houses and gathers real-time farm data. This data is represented in an understandable dashboard and includes planned versus actual parameters. Planned outputs can be set based on personalised targets, individual preferences and various concepts. All houses and locations are represented within one multiple location overview. The early warning alerts helps signal the user when something goes out-of-bounds and supports the maintenance of control and reduction of risks. Our cloud connection offers continuous access from any location at any time.

    More about IoT Cloud
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    Combine IoT & Manual Farm Data

    In our IoT Cloud, farm data is automatically extracted from the equipment in the houses. Besides that, PoultryResult Broilers offers manual data input via the PoultryResult App. Our App is designed with a smooth user interface so that manual data such as loss, selection, medication and weight can be entered by you or your authorised staff without any trouble. The App is available for Android and iOS, supporting quick and essential information transfer about the status within the houses. The data is validated and integrated within the PoultryResult Broilers system.

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    Link with Supply Chain Data

    PoultryResult Broilers can connect to ERP systems and automatically combine your supply chain data, coming from or generated at other links within the chain, within one database. Take as example the passport of your chickens (your hatchery), the feed deliveries (your feed supplier) and the slaughter results (your slaughterhouse). This helps integrate your processes altogether.

Stay updated with technical & financial results

Using all three ways of gathering data, our solution provides KPI’s that are covered within five core areas to instantly track your animal’s on-farm performance and your general business accomplishments. These areas are represented within the graphic below. Technical KPI’s represent the actual situation within your poultry houses in terms of for example: feed intake, weight of the chickens and the inhouse climate. These are combined with main financial parameters such as the feed profit/m2 and the feed costs/kg of growth, helping you thrive your business to optimisation.

  • Nutrition
  • Animal & production environment
  • Health &
    disease control
  • Profitability & productivity
  • Genetics
Rearing Breeding Broiler
  • GPS
  • PS
  • Feed supplier
  • Hatchery
  • Slaughterhouse

Enhance your business


PoultryResult Broilers offers many benefits such as the structural data gathering, process & data integration, and the monitoring & controlling option. Above these benefits, it is possible to analyse the data to reveal patterns in previous rounds, that help reduce risks and optimise current processes through the continuous insights with real-time data. Optimising your management style through fact-based farming. Our solution helps to use experience and knowledge in combination with factual information to know instead of guess what is the best for your animals.


We offer you benchmarking solutions, to compare results among other values. For instance, your planning vs your actual situation, your previous performance vs your current performance and comparing your houses & locations among each other. Especially for integrations, our dashboard helps to improve monitoring and reduce risks. The benchmarking of multiple locations and houses help to optimise overall performance and improve futurous strategies.

Share your data

The option to share data, after it has been authorised by its generator, improves cooperation within the chain and helps ease processes. As a broiler farmer for example, you can grant your veterinarian the authority for him/her to log in real-time into the situation within the broiler houses to see the technical results and status of your animals. Or, you can grant your business partner information. With our hierarchical data sharing option, you are always in control of your data.