PigResult is our management system developed for the grower to finisher stage in the pig lifecycle. Offering the user the ability to control all aggregated data overviewable within one solution. This includes automatically generated process data (real-time), manual farm data and supply chain data. Analysing all data coming in to and going out of your farm helps to visualise heuristics as well as creating biostatistics to improve your future performance.

Benefits for all

PigResult focusses, besides the on-farm production data, on other essential data streams to give you an insight into your complete farm performance. Take for example data input such as the feed deliveries and slaughter results. PigResult offers the full perspective for individual users but also serves integrations with the ability to better align other processes in their chain, using the production data as a starting point to spot improvements. With PigResult we help each type of user to:

  • Gain instant insights & increase control
  • Reduce risks
  • Optimise productivity
  • Reduce costs/increase profit
  • Make processes easier & save time

One integrated system

PigResult is one integrated system, combining multiple data streams that provide consolidated technical and financial parameters. We gather data in three ways. The first, is via IoT connection to our equipment, delivering real-time data. The second, is manual data input entered within the PigResult App. The third, is gathering supply chain data through connection to ERP systems.

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    Monitor Real-time IoT Farm Data

    The IoT Cloud is especially designed for the agricultural industry. It connects to all the major process equipment brands within the poultry houses and gathers real-time farm data. This data is represented in an understandable dashboard and includes planned versus actual parameters. Planned outputs can be set based on personalised targets, individual preferences and various concepts. All houses and locations are represented within one multiple location overview. The early warning alerts helps signal the user when something goes out-of-bounds and supports the maintenance of control and reduction of risks. Our cloud connection offers continuous access from any location at any time.

    More about IoT Cloud
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    Combine IoT & Manual Farm Data

    In our IoT Cloud, farm data is automatically extracted from the equipment in the houses. Besides that, PigResult offers manual data input via the PigResult App. Our App is designed with a smooth user interface so that manual data such as loss, selection, medication and weight can be entered by you or your authorised staff without any trouble. The App is available for Android and iOS, supporting quick and essential information transfer about the status of your pigs within the houses. The data is validated and integrated within the PigResult system.

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    Link with Supply Chain Data

    PigResult connects to ERP systems and automatically combines your supply chain data, coming from or generated at other links within the chain, within one database. Take for example the passport of your pigs (genetics/breeding), the feed deliveries (your feed supplier) and the slaughter results (your slaughterhouse). Integrating this data with your on-farm data helps to integrate all of your processes with each other. Being able to provide technical and financial results as well as converting the on-farm value into value for the rest of the chain, all in one system.

Complete monitoring & control

PigResult covers five farm-related core areas which are essential to gain complete monitoring and control over your processes, these are represented in the illustration below. Multiple parameters are provided for these core areas and a few of these are also mentioned in the illustration. PigResult translates these parameters into technical and financial KPI’s like the FCR, loss % /week and feed profit/ m2 so you are in full control of your business performance.

Analyse & benchmark

PigResult has the ability to track performance over flexible allocations: locations, houses, departments, pens and even down to individual pigs. As a result, this makes it easy to benchmark results among various levels, depending on the interest of you as a user. As an example, these results can differ; from real-time process equipment statuses over various locations, to the total profit and costs per house, to the vaccinations taken in an department, to the average weight of a pen and to the individual feed intake of your pig. Analysing variables in the data reveals trends and can hold very valuable information for example about the relationship between genetics, feed intake, weight and slaughter results.

See the value of data aggregation & -sharing

Important to notice is that every link in the chain is part of a bigger movement thriving towards optimisation and so the value of data from individual links can be further increased when shared with other stakeholders in the chain. Some examples for integrations:

  • Adapt the slaughter planning to the current weight status of the litter.
  • Prevent disease spreading due to early sickness detection and therefore order medication more accurately and timely.
  • Benchmark the performance of a breed over multiple locations and houses with each other to discover what factors influence this difference.
  • Are able to sell pig meat to retailers with data that proofs the animals have been farmed under good conditions.

There are more ways of connecting data along various stakeholders in the supply chain such as: Between pharmaceutical companies and farmers, for example to test how the animals react to the medication. & Between feed suppliers and farmers to test the effects of a new feed type and to improve feed advice.

Optimize your feed strategies with PigResult’s feed optimization system

An example of data sharing between multiple parties within the chain, and the added value of sharing data is explained with our feed simulation system in this case in combination with our IoT Cloud.

As explained, the most expensive section for farmers in growing their pigs is feed, which counts for about 70% of the total costs. Therefore, it is incredibly essential to feed exactly the right quality and amount of feed, not more and not less, to support sustainable farming, prevent unnecessary costs and to make sure that the pigs will weigh the correct weight when they go to the abbatoir.

However, it is not just about the weight but also about the pig’s wellbeing, if they feel poor they will consume more energy to feel better than they will have left to put into growth. With our IoT Cloud we can measure how pigs are feeling, for example through: activity of the pigs, water intake, inhouse climate, cameras and other sensors. If farmers would share this data with their feed suppliers, they could adapt their feed strategies based on the actual situation in the houses or could test new types of feed.

The better the feed matches the needs of individual pigs, the higher the results and returns. This is called precision nutrition. Our feed simulation tool guides you in simulating your situation with alternative feed types. Keeping in mind factors such as the genetic history, sex, start weight and pig price. Also including nutrient compositions, raw material costs, current prices and yield. This can result in outcomes like an earlier slaughter day, lower feed costs or a higher meat % compared to your current situation. Our feed optimization tool for PigResult is now supporting the precision nutrition of the future by integrating both the actual situation within the houses together with the alternative predictive feed strategies.