Successful Implementation PoultryResult Rearing at Pluvita

FarmResult officially launched PoultryResult Rearing in 2018 as part of our vision to offer integrated solutions for multiple links within the poultry chain. PoultryResult Rearing has been developed by FarmResult in close cooperation with farmers, veterinarians and the advisors of Pluvita BV. All 21 locations of Agrifirm’s subsidiary have successfully implemented the PoultryResult Rearing management system and started their second rounds.

PoultryResult Rearing is available in the market for broilers as well as for layers. The option to automatically gather real-time farm parameters via process equipment, feed supplier and vet makes daily farm management easier and more accurate. The interactive flock chart journal signals you to stay on track.

Pluvita B.V. is a subsidiary of Royal Agrifirm representing roughly 27% of all 80 broiler rearing farmers in the Netherlands. 

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