Royal Agrifirm Group launches PoultryNext

One of the world’s leading feed producers, Agrifirm, has decided to work together with FarmResult as their data partner. The Royal Agrifirm Group is a 100-year-old cooperative enterprise from Dutch soil, having a global presence in more than 16 countries. During its presence at the LIV exhibition in Venray, The Netherlands, Agrifirm launched PoultryNext, becoming the first implementation of our PoultryResult solution for broilers.

Agrifirm’s incentive is to offer their customers a solution to support them in gaining daily insights in their processes with real-time data, so they can adjust, plan ahead and predict performance. The PoultryNext chain solution helps Agrifirm improve their feeding strategies and advice to their customers with the help of the generated data. We are very excited to have them on board.

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