Innovating project on the resilience of dairy cows

Together with cooperating partners such as Nedap, Wageningen UR, Vkon, Relitech and dairy farming facilities such as Crumelhaeve, FarmResult initiated participation in a project testing the resilience of dairy cows. The test objective is to verify if focussing more on the resilience, adaptability and transformability of dairy cows increases their life expectancy.

FarmResult contributes to the project, with its role as data partner, through the gathering of farm data with an App that collects data in a clear and uniform matter. This data can be viewed by and shared with the veterinarians involved within the project. Their observations merged with cow-connected sensors, result in an optimal combination of farmers knowledge & experience, technology and data management that we call fact-based farming. Farming based on factual information to better steer your business to optimisation. The project is expected to finish at the end of 2019.

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