Launching PoultryResult Rearing Application

As part of FarmResult’s goal to offer an integrated solution for multiple links within the poultry chain, we have recently launched our PoultryResult Rearing application, especially designed for rearing farmers. The PoultryResult Breeding application is in the pipeline for beginning of the year 2019, to offer integrations a solution to integrate rearing, breeding and broiler together with DOC information, slaughter results and feed deliveries into our solution PoultryResult.

The added value of PoultryResult Rearing is the monitoring of the actual in-house situation, to track technical as well as financial performance parameters (weight/chicken, growth/day, yield price/kg etc.). Additionally, basic welfare parameters (feed intake, distribution per m2, inhouse climate etc.). This monitoring – with a daily, hourly and 10 minutes interval- helps to gain continuous insights into optimise your farm management based on the actual status of the process and animals.

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