Data Management within “Feed to Food” production – VIV Asia

After our presence during the latest VIV Europe in 2018, we are gladly announcing our attendance at the VIV Asia exhibition upcoming 13-15 March in Bangkok. This year’s theme – food engineering, will highlight the complete animal protein production value chain ‘’from feed to food’’ with expected attending visitors of about 50.000. Consequently, data management is essential in the complete ”feed to food” chain, especially for production locations. Being in charge of the technical and supply chain data can help them manage their locations better.

Thus, FarmResult will be one of the- from around 60 countries originating- 1.250 exhibitors. As an independent data platform provider, we would like to show what we can offer concerning data integration for a wide range of businesses within the supply chain. During this VIV edition our focus therefore is the monitoring & controlling of real-time production data (all in one overview) and supply chain data for these multiple production locations.

We believe data is essential in each part of the process and contribute to diverse goals that are envisioned by industry leaders. It starts at farm production level but works all the way through the supply chain. Ticking boxes such as improving productivity, creating full traceability, enhancing animal welfare or reducing antibiotic usage.

Whatever your goal is, it undoubtedly involves profitable & healthy food production. Together with our partner, the GD Animal Health , we would like to emphasize the importance of managing healthy livestock in a profitable way through data usage. Feel free to take the opportunity and visit our conference during the programme of the ‘’Holland Inspiration Congress’’. The whole congress is a shared initiative set up by VIV worldwide, the Dutch Poultry Centre, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Nature and Kip van Oranje.

We look forward to meet you at booth H103.TO02!

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