Fast insights in Layer performance

As a poultry farmer your core focus is always to manage your flocks the best way possible. In order to do so a full overview of useful data can help improve on-farm decision-making, reduce future risks and of course optimize the well-being of your birds. This is exactly what FarmResult is proving with our data management solution for the laying industry.


layer data

The PoultryResult Layers system aggregates all necessary information in easy-to-use and insightful reports. These daily and weekly reports are built based on your preferences including production and technical KPIs such as the laying %, mortality, egg production and feed conversion ratio.

No manual data entry
FarmResult minimizes manual data entry by extracting data from all types of sources with a focus on automated data extraction from climate and feed computers or any other sensors.
The ability to connect with leading data sources such as egg grading and packing machines as well as the importing of data from your own Excel, google sheets or other documents make this solution so versatile, offering opportunities to grow as you go.
Whether you are an individual laying farmer or a party interested in the added value of data over the whole chain, FarmResult is keen on providing the data of use to you. We offer modular data management solutions for rearing, breeding. layers and broilers as well as the data capture on a higher level, covering the complete poultry chain as a whole.
Whenever you are interested in finding out more, feel free to contact us or request for a demo and we would love to show you what added value data management can have for you.

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