FarmResult featured in WATT Poultry International

We are proudly featured in WATT global media’s December 2018 edition for Poultry International and Industria Avícola. The article represents 4 poultry biostatistics and big data perspectives, explaining how big data gathering can be beneficial for all stakeholders ranging from producers to veterinarians and from feed millers to scientists.

This voluntarily-written article includes FarmResult’s view on data but most importantly how poultry production data offers insights that can help improve the performance of these diverse businesses within the agricultural sector.

Additionally, it sheds a light on poultry solutions like our PoultryResult management system. This data platform helps to obtain real-time insights, prevent risks, benchmark results and support big data analyses for operational, technical as well as financial performance improvements.

Our solutions for pigs and poultry are suitable for individual users up to large integrations. We include the possibility to share data as a generator, if you wish, for example with your feed supplier to improve feed and feed advice or with management to compare locations among each other. The collected data remains the property of you (the producer) at all times, unless you intentionally decide to share it with others.

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