Featured interview FarmResult in Elanco blog

‘’Up close and personal to livestock’’ is the title named after Elanco’s interview with Richard ten Cate, owner of FarmResult. As pioneers in on-farm data management FarmResult illustrated the added value of data management for increase in animal welfare, productivity and sustainability.

The meat industry’s focus has shifted from small-scale farming with a personal animal welfare approach to maximising farm output with integrated structured enterprises and extensive production facilities, partly influenced by the continuously accelerating demand for meat. The introduction of the latest technology in combination with farm data can help farmers reconnect with their ancient way of working and to fulfil individual animal’s needs in modern times on a high scale; precision livestock farming (PLF).

The combination of automatic data retrieving from equipment, sensors, cameras and systems improve the monitoring of the animals and can help predict disease outbreaks. Also, real-time data control and early-warning alerts support optimised productivity while in the meantime it helps to maintain your animal’s welfare. At the same time, personalised feed rations and medication reduce the environmental footprint. If your animal feels better, they will perform better while consuming less energy. Individual animal monitoring is believed to lead futurous livestock-farming practices.

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